Mannequins as sirens of the night. Manifestations of erotic reality. Desirable and bewitching. A fantasy world captured and transformed by Lanning Gold. A photographic artist who has put together a provocative body of work by photographing some of the more fascinating window displays in Los Angeles.

Most of these photographs were shot from the street, capturing the city's more interesting window displays. Some however, were shot in the privacy of Lanning's studio with his own mannequins. The black and white photographs were then hand-tinted in vivid color combinations. This makes each hand-tinted photograph a one-of-a-kind within a series.

Lanning's photographic art encompasses hand-tinted black & white original photographs and posterizations. His style has an intensity and sense of outrageousness that mystifies the viewer. His dreamworld is shocking, provocative, and desirable.

Lanning's work can be seen as two distinct and very different series:


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