Welcome to Lanning Gold Photography. For the past 10 years, Lanning Gold has emerged as one of Hollywood's most creative photographic artists. His Visual Design degree from UC Berkeley in both Design and Photography, gives him an added edge in composing photographs.

"I specialize in full service photography with attention to glamour / theatrical headshots, publicity shots, fashion, music / cd covers, children’s portraiture including dress-up portraits of children, location shots, and events. I also do special events such as music concerts, ground breaking ceremonies, parties, press releases, and artist appearances for various media. I have worked with many musical and corporate clients."

Headshots and Publicity photos are an important part of your portfolio, and nothing gets you noticed quicker than a really great photo... "Photo sessions are available in my studio or your favorite location or both."

"I believe in a fun and a relaxed atmosphere. Your comfort is very important when I shoot. Photos are always better when everyone is comfortable and I try to create a positive as well productive experience."

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